Welcome to the Froedge Machine & Supply Chain Website! Since 1962, FMS has built a lot of cool things - which required us to stress test losts of industrial grade chain. We're passing our experience on to you - and only selling the stuff that we know works and lasts. If you know what type of chain you are looking for, quickly find it by using the search box at  the top of the screen! We offer chain from multiple vendors so you can get exactly what you need at exactly the right price.

HKK Chain - Roller Chain that combines efficiency, flexibility, and strength for any and all applications. Hkk has been providing us with chain for years and we are truly impressed with the quality of their product. Now, thanks to the wonders of the internet, we are making this versitle chain available to you at great prices.

Power Rite Chain - Quality chain at competitive prices, Power Rite roller chains are the most affordable on the market today. In stock we have: 40 Roller, 50 Roller, 60 Roller, 80 Roller, 100 Roller.

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HKK 25 C/L
HKK 04B roller chain,
HKK 35 Riveted roller chain
HKK 25 Riveted roller chain
HKK 43 Riveted roller chain,
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"Outstanding customer service. Thanks, guys for the effort. We really do appreciate it."

Charles, West Virginia
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